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Why choose modulo: Riser?

modulo: Riser offers so much more than the standard riser recliner chair. Key benefits are seat depth (very important to help stop sacral sitting), width (very important to allow users’ arms to be more supported and encourage a more upright sitting position) and height adjustment (to allow feet to be weight bearing and offer much safer transfer to prevent a fall risk). A removable seat cushion aids improved pressure management and skin integrity, and there is a standard as dual motor tilt in space with high leg lift.

Why choose modulo: Porter?

The modulo: Porter offers all the same benefits as the riser. Yet it has been specifically designed to help users who are either at a stage where they are not always able to carry out independent transfers, or struggling with mobility and may need to be portered to another room closer to where they need to go next. This allows the user to enjoy the benefits of the chair, whilst enabling them to be where they want to be in different areas of the property.

Why choose modulo: Care?

The modulo: Care is for users that are mainly non-weight bearing. It trades the riser feature for a fully independent tilt option without having to lose much of the seat to floor height, keeping the fully electric features of back, leg adjustment and elevation. A height and angle adjustable footplate is also supplied as standard to help prevent footdrop. The modulo: Care is also supplied as standard with a chargeable battery to allow the chair to work when not plugged in to the main power supply.

How often do modulo chairs need servicing?

Standard practice is usually once a year. However, there is no legal obligation to service chairs in the same way as you must service a hoist or other lifting equipment.

If the chair width has been set to 19 inches but I now need it to be 15 inches is this possible?

Yes, no problem! All modulo chairs are width adjustable and can be adapted anywhere between 14- 21 inches wide as standard.

Is the modulo available in different colours?

Yes, the modulo has 12 different colour options to choose from.

What cushion is best for managing pressure injuries

We can only provide a guide and information when looking at prescribing the correct cushion. We always recommend a tissue viability or district nurse prescribes the correct cushion to manage or prevent a pressure injury. We have an excellent range of static gel cushion options for users who either have, or are at high risk of, injury. Our chairs come as standard with medium pressure redistribution properties within the seat.

Can I adjust seat depth?

Yes. It’s really easy to adjust the seat depth between the range of 16-21inches.

Can I control the leg rest separately to the backrest?

Yes. All modulo chairs have separate backrest and leg rest adjustment. The modulo: Riser and modulo: Porter come as standard as dual motor. The modulo care chair has three motors to aid separate, independent movements between all functions.

What is the weight capacity on the modulo leg rest?

Approximately seven stone. Heavier leg rest weight limits are available as a non-standard option. Please get in touch for more information.

What it is the height of the modulo when fully raised?

Depending on starting seat height, the modulo: Riser and modulo: Porter will rise approximately 12 inches. This is our standard lifting mechanism. Other lifting options are available as a non-standard order. Please get in touch for more information.

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