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A design which adapts to your unique requirements and needs


Partnering with postural therapists and patients


Two decades spent improving your comfort

Comfort without compromise

Huge improvements have been made in seating. Yet we know there’s more to be done – and 17 years in the specialist seating industry’s driven us to create something better.

We’ve carried out research with occupational health teams, therapists, and posture management professionals. We’ve also listened to you: the families, caregivers, and people who know they need a chair that provides more comfort and independence.

Adjustable and adaptable to suit you

Your physical needs can change significantly over a short time. In our range, you’ll find chairs designed with moving parts that are both bespoke and flexible. Seat heights, depths and widths can be adapted, and interchangeable pieces can be created to fit.

Posture support chairs can look clinical. Yet with modulo, you choose colour options, fabrics, cushions and chair backs to suit your style, preferences and personality. The result is a perfect posture chair that’s unique, adaptable and long-lasting.

modulo’s unique design is created to maintain independence without discomfort.

In our chairs, you’ll feel independent,
relaxed, and in control.

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Interchangeable parts for individual aid

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Electric motors for comfort and control

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Lower seats for effortless movement

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