Cleaning of fabrics

Vinyl material :Anti-bacterial, Non-absorbent, harder waring material used on the external parts of the chair.

Vapour permeable material : Flame retardant, waterproof, soft stain resistant. Used on the internal parts of chair where body makes main contact.

To help maintain the longevity of the chair’s fabric, it is recommended to be cleaned with warm soapy water then rinsed off with clean water to help keep the appearance looking great. If any stains are ingrained or soiling has taken place, then you can scrub off lightly with a soft brush. Please do not clean the chair with any detergents, solvents, polishing sprays or any chemical cleaners. This may cause cracking or splitting. Please take extra care to clean the headrest and arms as they are more prone to the body’s natural oils which may over time cause the fabrics to harden.
Vapour permeable
Cleaning and disinfection may be carried out with hand hot water and a neutral detergent or with a sodium hypochlorite solution (1% or 10,000 parts per million available chlorine). Proprietary disinfectants may be used provided manufacturer’s instructions are followed. All cleaning agents and disinfectants must be thoroughly rinsed off and the item dried before storage. Failure to do this may result in the accumulation of reagent that could damage the polyurethane coating or negate the biocompatibility results of the vapour permeable fabric. Can be washed at temperatures up to 71° C (160°F), using normal detergents. It is essential that articles be thoroughly dried after all cleaning procedures and before storage. Drying may be affected by hanging out, spinning,, or tumbling at temperatures up to 130 °C (266°F). Do not mangle. Vapour permeable fabric MUST NOT BE CLEANED with abrasive cleaning agents, hydrogen peroxide, Iodophors, phenolics or ammonium compounds. These may cause irreversible swelling or blistering of the fabric and make it more prone to mechanical damage.
Please contact for disposal of your chair at the end of its lifespan. Please follow local guidance for correct disposal of the chair’s batteries.
Modulo servicing and maintenance 
Please note that it’s recommended that you’re Modulo chair is serviced regularly which will in the long-term help to prevent unnecessary breakdowns and help to extend the life of your amazing chair.
Parts should only be replaced or repaired by a Modulo trained engineer. Parts should only be replaced with official authorised parts by recommend an annual service each year by an approved Modulo engineer.
Regular checks….
  • Check if applicable that castor wheels are not damaged.
  • Check if applicable that castors are turning without stress ( check for hair or dirt and remove carefully).
  • Keep up with regular cleaning as per recommended cleaning instruction.
  • Check electrical connections and batteries where applicable.
Extra note: If you are concerned at any time with movement due to loose bolts or nuts/irregular movement/cracks/split/dents or any other unnamed damage on the frame you must contact immediately. DO NOT USE the chair until it has been assessed by our authorised engineer.