We recommend the modulo: Porter

The Modulo Riser and porter riser is multifunctional and adjustable chair which can accommodate the majority of the population.

The Modulo comes as standard as a fully electric Dual motor Riser recliner with True Tilt in Space function.

The Modulo comes as standard with Technical fabric on the outer and a four way stretch vapour permeable fabric on all the cushions internally to maintain integrity of any of the pressure relief whilst making sure no compromise has been made on any the chair.

The Modulo Riser and Modulo Porter Riser is the first riser chair to offer fully removable height and width adjustable static thoracic side supports to match a more traditional complex care chair.

Additional options provide excellent postural support and pressure management helping to make the Modulo the leading chair in its class!

Sizing & Features
  • Seat Height 16 – 21 inches
  • Seat Width 14 – 21 inches
  • Seat Depth 16 – 21 inches
  • Waterfall back
  • Removable seat and leg overlay
  • Cushions in slices to allow for height adjustment or use with other cushions
  • Removable seat cushion
  • Adjustable height glides
  • Adjustable depth
  • Adjustable width
  • Support tube on backrest for thoracic supports
  • Removable arms for side transfers and ease of cleaning