Find Your Perfect Posture With Comfort and Ease

Bad posture is known to cause muscle tension, limit physical recovery, and even affect your digestion. Sitting or standing incorrectly may have become a habit, with most of us slouching as we sit or standing with our backs hunched over. These poor positions have a negative effect on our bodies and our health. But for many of us, adjusting our bodies to create that perfect posture can be particularly challenging.

There’s a wealth of advice that explains how to sit, stand and even hold your mobile phone in just the right way to support perfect posture and reduce pain. However, your health and physical limitations may make finding the correct position awkward and uncomfortable. To support this, you need to find a chair that’s created to suit your postural challenges and individual needs.

Why is perfect posture important?

Bad posture is a common cause of pain, as well as adding discomfort to existing problems. Examples of bad posture include slouching in your chair (increasing muscle tension), hunching your back, (causing discomfort in your shoulders), and holding your phone between your ear and shoulder, (putting strain on your neck muscles).

Sitting or standing in ways that reduce impact on your body has huge benefits that enhance your posture, support your muscles, and improve your overall health. Yet finding your perfect posture takes practice. It’s also likely to feel awkward and even uncomfortable at first. This is because your body has become accustomed to sitting or standing in a certain way, such as slouching in a chair or standing leaning on one leg. If your health issues are already a concern, adding short-term discomfort, even for long-term benefit, can feel unmanageable.

That’s why, at modulo, we’ve developed postural chairs with your needs in mind. They’re designed to create your perfect posture without compromising your comfort, aiding recovery and supporting pain relief.

What can a chair do to help my posture?

Perfect posture advice changes depending on your position. From reclined seating to standing up, you’ll find your positioning needs to change often to prevent bad posture. Yet when movement is already a challenge, adapting your body’s position quickly and regularly can be a problem.

However, in your modulo chair, you can chose to have a dual motor riser recliner feature. This comes as standard in our modulo Porter chair and means that, with the simple touch of a button, you can move position whilst keeping your perfect posture.  There’s also a fully adjustable flip up elevating footplate in the modulo Care chair, keeping your legs and back correctly aligned for constant comfort.

How can a modulo chair support my individual needs?

The guidance for perfect posture is the same for everyone. However, not everyone has the same needs, abilities or opportunities. This is particularly true when age, ill health or post-accident therapy means your recovery depends on your ability to sit or stand in a certain way.

With modulo, there’s no one-size-fits all approach to perfect posture. Our chairs all have interchangeable parts, adapted to suit your postural needs and comfort. You’ll be able to adjust these individual features as your needs change, such as removing cushions and amending arm heights to find your personal perfect posture with effortless ease.

Two decades’ experience in the postural chair industry and collaborations with postural therapists and patients mean you can be confident that we’ve designed the chairs that put your comfort in your control.

For effortless perfect posture in a chair custom-designed for you, call modulo on 0113 262 8000.

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